The similar phrase 'Worldly Christianity' is one used by Bonhoeffer. It's J Gresham Machen that I want to line up most closely with. See his Christianity and culture here. Having done commentaries on Proverbs (Heavenly Wisdom) and Song of Songs (Heavenly Love), a matching title for Ecclesiastes would be Heavenly Worldliness. For my stance on worldliness, see 3 posts here.

Aber Conference 2022 Session 2

Excellent stuff this morning from Paul Mallard who is going to be walking us through some of the psalms. Psalm 19 this morning. Very clear, well divided and easy to remember. Nice touches of humour. Good listening. Link.

Aber Conference 2022 Session 1

So at last we are back in the Great Hall for the Aber Conference. Our first speaker on the Monday evening was Newport pastor MeirionThomas. He took us to the phrase The government will be on his shoulder from Isaiah 9:6 and spoke of the wonderful reign of Christ. It was good to see so many there. You can access it here.

10 Sports Manufacturers and Dates of Origin

  1. Mitre United Kingdom 1817
  2. Le Coq Sportif France 1882
  3. Patrick Belgium 1892
  4. Reebok United States 1895
  5. New Balance United States 1906
  6. Wilson United States 1913
  7. Admiral United Kingdom 1914
  8. Umbro United Kingdom 1924
  9. Adidas and Puma Germany 1948 and 1949
  10. ASICS Japan 1949
(Also, Fila Italy 1911, Hummel Denmark 1923, Diadora Italy 1948)

Lord's Day August 7 2022

I was not preaching yesterday. I am staying in Aberystwyth and so I was attending the church where my son is pastor. He was not preaching partly because he was still on paternity leave. (News on my new grandson elsewhere). I listened to Stuart Olyott in the morning and Ian Jones in the evening. Ian is an elder with Rhodri in Alfred Place Baptist Church. The morning sermon on inward peace was particularly clear and searching. Good day. We had Roger Lindie down in Childs Hill. No news yet.

10 Personal Preferences

  1. Adidas over Nike
  2. Beatles over the Rolling Stones
  3. Coffee over Tea
  4. Cider over Beer or wine
  5. Calvin over Luther
  6. Celtic, Everton and Man United over Rangers, Liverpool and Man City
  7. Dog over Cat
  8. NIV over ESV
  9. Rugby over Soccer
  10. Novels over films

Westminster Conference 2022


The programme is now out for the next Westminster Conference. David Pfeiffer on Archibald Alexander and religious experience, Robert Strivens on Eusebius and writing church history and Ian Shaw on Evangelicals, slavery and colonialism on Day 1; Alistair Wilson on David Livingstone, Ian Hamilton on Protestantism and tradition and Stephane Simonnin on Guillaume Farel on Day 2.

10 Illustrious Shoemakers

  1. William Carey, missionary
  2. Thomas Olivers, hymn writer
  3. Samuel Bradburn, Methodist preacher
  4. Robert Morrison, missionary
  5. George Fox, founder of the Quakers
  6. William Gifford, poet and satirist
  7. Hans Sachs, Reformation singer and poet
  8. Jacob Boehme, mystic
  9. John Kitto, Bible scholar
  10. Thomas Cooper, poet and chartist

Lord's Day July 31 2022

What a great day it was last Sunday. We baptised three people. Like the previous two people we baptised these people were brought up under the Koran. It is a great joy to see people turning to Christ even though they have been a long way off in the past. As it was a baptism, we had quite a few visitors. We decided to have a meal together after the meeting and that was a good occasion. We sang happy birthday twice (two cakes!) and took the opportunity to say a formal goodbye to our longest serving couple, Mike and Ali, who are moving to Pembrokeshire soon. How we will miss them! We were a select group come the evening. We looked at Psalm 37 a psalm I don't think I've preached on before. Probably needed more work.

Midweek Meeting July 27 2022

Our meeting on Wednesday went fine, looking at Philippians 3:3-9 and praying, Good time and good to remind ourselves of the heart of the gospel.

Day Off Week 30 2022

A big chunk of my most recent day off was spent reading the new book on John 13-17 by Sinclair Ferguson There are several such books and I have read some of them. This one can be highly commended from all points of view. Great stuff. I would have finished the whole thing but got distracted by a fact based procedural crime drama. I also managed a visit to my currently favourite food place and gave the dog a couple of walks.