The similar phrase 'Worldly Christianity' is one used by Bonhoeffer. It's J Gresham Machen that I want to line up most closely with. See his Christianity and culture here. Having done commentaries on Proverbs (Heavenly Wisdom) and Song of Songs (Heavenly Love), a matching title for Ecclesiastes would be Heavenly Worldliness. For my stance on worldliness, see 3 posts here.

Game Of Love Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders

We had this single at home (on the Fontana label!). Always liked it.
That's Eric Stewart (later of 10cc) on guitar.

Day Off Week 15 2020

These strange days continue and I tried to keep yesterday as a day off which meant reading another chunk if Hilary Mantel. I am now beyond the first 500 pages. Spoiler alert Jane Seymour is dead and the search for a new wife is on. I have enjoyed the Tyndale thread and much else. It is interesting to note how in recent pages the whole idea of social distancing is there (because of fear of plague).  I also read a little more of the Calvin book and the newspaper, of course. There were one or two other things that needed to be done and I did a bit more tidying and clean, which we are doing a lot of in this lockdown. Then in the evening we watched the film Vice about Dick Cheney. The film comes with heavy bias but didn't seem overly unfair. US policy in the middle east has been a mess for aeons I fear.

Banner Article

You may be interested to know that I have an article in this month's Banner Magazine called Christ the Bride: A Brief Introduction to the Book of Proverbs. See here.

Lord's Day April 5 2020

We followed the a similar pattern to previous weeks. At 10 am several of us gathered on Zoom to sing hymns. That went well for us but I'm not sure how it is if you are on your own. Then around 11 we tuned into the audio service available on our website. As we would normally be sitting down to communion on this Sunday I decided to preach from 1 Corinthians 11:26. It is one of the hundred texts that I have spoken of often enough here. I'm not sure when else I might have preached that sermon. In the evening we zoomed again and I preached on another psalm, Psalm 23. I think I found it easier this time (technically speaking). The sermons can be found here and here.
Last week we found time to hear my son in Aber twice as well as all that but this week we were tireder and somehow and his morning sermon was recorded not live as previously.
We are also having Junior Church on Saturday mornings and I have started doing a verse of the day on our whatsapp group. I also had a a Zoom officers meeting (and a fraternal) this week so we are doing what we can. Keeping busy then. It was good to have one or two around today that we have not had so much but still lots missing.

Blog of the Week 5

Benjamin Beddome 1717-1795

A Baptist there was, name of Beddome
He wrote down his sermons then said 'em
He also spent time
on Christian rhyme
They're good - I should know cos I've read 'em.

Benjamin Beddome
A saved Son of Adam
For 55 years preached in Bourton,
The blast from his trump not uncertain.

This is one of my biggest blogs. I began it in 2007. It can be found hereThere are over 400 posts there at present and there have been over 80,000 hits. It collates material concerning the 18th century  Particular Baptist Benjamin Beddome. The blog has been the means of putting me in touch with more than one person I would not have known otherwise and in opart led to my contribution to a book on Beddome that came out a short while ago.
Most popular post on the blog is Beddome's hymn on the mercy seat. You can find it here.

Midweek Meeting April 1 2020

We met via Zoom once again. We were a good number and I gave a full message from Proverbs, from Proverbs 24:10. Towards the end I said

1. How are you doing? Have you found yourself feeling weak at this time of crisis?
How have you been doing? Perhaps you are embarrassed by the question. Yes, you know that as a Christian you should be strong and standing firm but it has all rather knocked you back. Well. don't be surprised. That is what is to be expected. People do falter in times of trouble. They may do very well when the waters are calm but come the storm, like the disciples, they begin to panic. We shouldn't worry or panic but if we have been doing that then it reminds us of how weak we really are and, as Paul says, when I am weak then I am strong. Those feelings of weakness are reminders that we need to rely on the Lord.
2. What do you see around you? Are people faltering in this time of trouble?
I don't know about you but I have seen more people in tears on the TV screens and more people crying phoning into radio stations than I have for a long time. Some people have really been hit for six by this. I am thinking of people in government and in the caring professions who are overwhelmed, people whose schemes are in tatters because of the changes, people stuck the other side of the word, people in quarantine on their own, parents trying to do their work from home and dealing with their children home from school, quite apart from those worried that they have the virus or might catch it or whose relatives have gone down with it.
Yes, plenty of people are faltering. It is not unusual. If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength!
3. How are you doing? Now is the time to be strong, now in this time of crisis.
The other thing that is right to say from this proverb is that if we take the right attitude we can be strong even in this crisis. The house is still being built, the rooms are still being filled. Now, perhaps it is more difficult to build as we ought to, to find those rare treasures that will suit best. But is we look to the Lord we will go on, we will stand firm. Many have remarked on how it is like being ina war this coronavirus crisis. Well at such times Surely you need guidance .. and victory is won through many advisers. So let's got to God's Word - to psalms like Psalm 46 and 91 and 23, let's go to the Sermon on the Mount and Romans 8 and 2 Corinthians 13 and every place else we can find help. Let's strengthen each other with Scriptures and with other encouragements by means of word and deed. if we look to the Lord there is no reason why we cannot come through this.
I then went to the end of Isaiah 40 and Hebrews 12:1-3 an closed with a nice Spurgeon illustration.

Day off Week 14 2020

Another common or garden one reading (Mantel and new book on Calvin edited by Derek Thomas and John Tweeddale and later watching TV (Liar). Also managed to glimpse the last Private Eye.

Not Manchester United

My youngest son has just finished his latest PBN project. Wolves, of course.

365 Albums 76-90

  1. The Crossing Big Country 1983 (1996 remaster)
  2. Electric Warrior T Rex 1971
  3. Live at Alexanders Jan Akkerman 1999
  4. Tubular Bells Mike Oldfield 1973
  5. Yr Hwntws Yr Hwntws 1982
  6. Passion Jan Akkerman 1999
  7. Transparental Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux 1980
  8. Under my skin Gabrielle 2018
  9. Abraxas Santana 1970
  10. Dylanesque Bryan Ferry 2007
  11. Camel Snow Goose 1975
  12. The Man Who Built America Horslips 1978
  13. O Brother where art thou? Soundtrack Various Artists 2000
  14. Hymns II Page CXVI 2010
  15. Beggar Julia's Timetrip Ekseption 1970

Blog of the week 4


In 1974 Jan Akkerman released Tabernakel
And since 2011 that's what this blog has attempted to tackle
So if today you find this blog and are tempted to mock or cackle
I hope you desist and become a fan, even though it's all a bit ramshackle.

This blog is even more niche than any of the others. I began it in 2011. It can be found hereThere are over a hundred posts there at present. I like the album, which contains music from Elizabethan lute through to modern rock, and wanted to know all I could about it. Hence the blog.
Most popular post on the blog, not sure why, is one on Thomas Morley who wrote a pavane that Jan Akkerman plays on lute on the album. You can find it here.

10 Loci of Systematic Theology

  1. Prologomena
  2. Theology proper – The study of the character of God
  3. (Theological) anthropology – The study of the nature of humanity.
  4. Angelology – The study of angels
  5. Christology – The study of Christ
  6. Pneumatology – The study of the Holy Spirit
  7. Soteriology – The study of salvation
  8. Hamartiology – The study of sin
  9. Ecclesiology – The study of the church
  10. Eschatology – The study of the end times

Lord's Day March 29 2020

And so another Sunday of virtual meetings. As last week, we began with some singing, kindly organised by our church musicians. When that was over, we joined the broadcast service from Aberystwyth on Youtube, persuaded by our son Gwion now with us from university and the fact it was live. When that had finished we listened to the recorded audio our own church had provided online. I preached from Mark 7:1-23 on how washing your hands is never enough.
The afternoon soon whizzed by and at five we were in Aber to hear my son again. He spoke on the cherubim of Revelation 4 in the morning and in the evening from Leviticus 8 and Psalm 133 on Christian fellowship. At 6.30 pm we Childs Hillians gathered for evening worship. I preached from Psalm 91. No hymns, just the sermon. Nineteen listening in again. A long day then and not much movement from me. Perhaps we could get used to this.

Ugandan Coronavirus Alert

And another one!

Proclamation Trust EMA another goner.

10 Non-Welsh Welsh Names

Here are 10 common and less common names that I think of as Welsh but that are not Welsh in origin (Aled, Gareth, Hywel, etc). After each one I have given a rough figure of how many were born in Wales with that name between 1880 and 1990. The names tend to start off in England then spread to Wales where they dominate.
  1. Haydn, Hayden or Haydon (thousands)
  2. Byron (890 and more)
  3. Mansel (810)
  4. Denzil (474)
  5. Luther (384)
  6. Handel (267)
  7. John Elias (166)
  8. Calvin (71)
  9. Omri (22)
  10. Mozart (6)