Bonhoeffer uses a similar phrase 'worldly Christianity'. It's J Gresham Machen that I want to line up most closely with. See his Christianity and culture here. Having done commentaries on Proverbs (Heavenly Wisdom) and Song of Songs (Heavenly Love), a matching title for Ecclesiastes would be Heavenly Worldliness. For my stance on worldliness, see 3 posts here.

GBA 2011 02

The second session was a news session given over to a pastor working in Izmir, Turkey who first came to Turkey with the US military. He gave a fascinating overview of the situation in Turkey as far as the gospel is concerned. There are many difficulties arising from the shortage of Christians, of churches, of publications, etc, especially those of a Reformed and Baptist persuasion. John was very positive, however, about the Turkish people and about the opportunities for the gospel. He was frank about the difficulties too, including the anti-westernism and other difficult factors in temperament and belief, the nominalism, etc. The final call was to pray for this needy land.

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