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10 Types of Engineering

We happened to have four engineeers in church yesterday, chemical, electrical an mechanical (two of those I think). It got me thinking of different sorts of engineering. Originally, degrees were offered in the three I have mentioned plus civil engineering (where everyone is very nice to each other I guess). These days there are over 40 different courses available. Here are 10 types of engineering:

1 Chemical engineering
2 Civil engineering
3 Electrical engineering
4 Mechanical engineering
5 Software engineering
6 Systems engineering
7 Genetic engineering
8 Paper engineering
9 Environmental engineering
10 Social engineering
(There's also domestic engineering and I think engine drivers can be called engineers)


oldfentiger said...

The first engineers were military engineers. The engineers who are very nice to each other were so called to distinguish them from the military ones. They were not always very nice as the institute of Civil Engineers would not accept one George Stephenson as a member so he founded the institute of Mechanical Engineers!

Gary Brady said...

Thanks for that. I guessed civil was opposed to military. I've heard of the royal engineers. That makes me think of the word sapper, which is another way of referring to a military engineer.

forevergreen said...

You didn't mention the highest form of engineering -Aeronautical. It involves so many disciplines and high powered Maths. I am biased I suppose, and down to earth now.

Gary Brady said...

Ah but isn't Aerospace engineering an even higher form?