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10 Longest Psalms

My blog of the shortest psalms done some time ago has proved quite popular. Perhaps this one will too.
1. Psalm 119 (176 verses)
2. Psalm 78 (72 verses)
3. Psalm 89 (53 verses)
4. Psalm 18 (51 verses)
5. Psalm 106 (48 verses)
6. Psalm 105 (45 verses)
7. Psalm 107 (43 verses)
8. Psalm 37 (40 verses)
9. Psalm 69 (36 verses, 708 words AV)
10. Psalm 68 (35 verses, 680 words AV)
[Psalm 104 (35 verses, 598 words AV); Psalm 22 (32 verses)]


Unknown said...

I don't understand the last line here. You say #10 is Psalm 68, consisting of 36 vv and 708 words in the Authorized Version (AV, I assume). Then you say below it that the same Psalm has 35 verses and 680 words in the same version (AV) Is that a typo? I believe #10 should be Psalm 69, n'est-ce pas?

Gary Brady said...

Thanks for spotting that. I've put it right now (I think).

Clint W said...

Thanks for this useful list. I'm writing a series of short meditations on Psalm 78, suspected it might be the second-longest, and had it confirmed by your entry.

Anonymous said...

Is number 8 missing in this list, or is the just numbering faulty?

Gary Brady said...

Sorry, wrong again. I think we're sorted now.

Rev Peter Ratcliff said...

Congratulations. Google finds you when we search for "longest Psalms"!

Unknown said...

Give thanks for this list. I needed it, in the name of Jesus. Just a bit overwhelmed I believe. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I'm Karen, your welcome, it helped me just now.