Bonhoeffer uses a similar phrase 'worldly Christianity'. It's J Gresham Machen that I want to line up most closely with. See his Christianity and culture here. Having done commentaries on Proverbs (Heavenly Wisdom) and Song of Songs (Heavenly Love), a matching title for Ecclesiastes would be Heavenly Worldliness. For my stance on worldliness, see 3 posts here.

Last Lord's Day of 2015

So the last Lord's Day of the year has come and gone. We had decent congregations morning and evening as although there are many away at the present time we do have students back and some visitors. At the beginning of the new year I like to take a text that will act a sort of motto text fro the year ahead. This year I have chosen John 10:28, 29 a very comforting verse for believers teaching the perseverance of the saints. I found that there was not so much to say about the verses but it was good to underline the threefold assurance found there and I hope it will be a help to us in the year that lies ahead. In the evening I took the text Hebrews 10:23-25, an exhortatory passage ideal for the turn of the year though not one I had looked at before at such a time. There was a little more to say this time and illustrations came easier. I tried not to turn it into a mere call to do the right thing.

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